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Our thrift store is a place to buy, save, and serve as you help orphaned children. The store is actually an exchange, where missionaries, or abandoned children, can get resources in a pinch. The proceeds from the store go to different projects in the ministry, but at the end of the day, all our funds go to helping orphaned children.

1815 Wyoming Blvd NE Albuquerque NM 87112

You’re out reach to us definitely had a positive impact on my life. It kept me on track and filled my mind with positive things. The weekly visits distracted me from the downsides and temptations of life that were all around me at the time. The team brought excitement into the shelter like Piper the pet dog, and it was cool that sometimes you brought guests from the outside world into the mix. I always looked forward to Thursday nights. It was the best part of the week!


I also benefited from the work experience program at Orphans-Exchange. It kept me busy earning a little money and doing something positive at a time when I was needing to figure out how to live on my own.


Selena Pisco

It has been a motivating experience for me to work at orphans-exchange thrift store because I know the good we are doing in orphans lives. I especially feel I’m doing something good when I get to encourage the abandoned teens that come here to work in the work experience program. Also I don’t attend a church so this has been my church. I take home to my kids what I learn in the weekly bible study. Working here I am motivated spiritually and my faith is confirmed.


Stephanie Gonzales

Theresa Urban - care packages for orphans

Five years ago I prayed for a place to work that freely worships God. My prayer was answered when I was gifted with a job at Orphans Exchange Thrift Store. The weekly Bible Study and influence of this store is teaching me to do business Gods way and to always have faith and pray.


My heart is especially touched that our eyes are opened to the needs of orphans worldwide and we work at finding ways to help them. One time Gary gave me a list of 60 kids in an aids orphanage in Africa with names, ages, favorite colors etc. in order to prepare clothes to send them. I felt I was loving and knowing each child personally.


One of the abandoned youth on work experience, who had never met his dad and whose mother had passed away, actually stole my car from the parking lot and when it was finally returned I could not afford to fix it. I still love and pray for this child every night. I am so thankful to God for this place!


Fabiola Urbieta,

I've seen some crazy things working at the store. People are definitely resourceful! 

There are so many things about the thrift store that blesses my heart. We are able to provide things people need at a great price. We are able to offer kids in the GPS program a place to gain some valuable work ethic and even earn some cash. We are able to bless missionaries that are traveling through town with things they may need back home. But most of all, I am blessed that God uses this store to provide for the children He loves so very much!


                          ~ Gary Mahboub

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Pray. Love. 


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