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Orphaned children in India
Our Mission

Friends of the Fatherless is committed to one and only one main purpose: helping orphaned children and helping their caregivers help them. Within our ranks, every person, every program, every resource used, every dollar spent, every meeting, every directed to helping the orphaned child somewhere on this earth.

                                                                         ~ Gary Mahboub

Programs - Get Involved

Choose how you will serve: Doer. Goer. Sender. Giver. Prayer.
Over the course of 15 years the following programs have emerged in order to sufficiently address the many facets of orphan care. Through countless hours of heartfelt prayer and inspiration of the Holy Spirit, each program gives particular emphasis to a needed component of caring for abandoned children. 
smiling child playing on playground

Hope Journeys

Boy shopping for a bicycle and smiling

Orphan's - Exchange

Thrift Store

baby boy in crib with big brown eyes

Grapevine Giving

Our Vision and Values

Our vision is to see orphaned children no longer neglected and to see them rescued from abuse and oppression. To see the people of the earth, especially the church, rise up with courage and determination to help end the worldwide crisis of abandoned children. 

Because of Jesus we will love God and love, forgive, and serve one another. We will seek integrity and excellence in all we do, and we will work hard in order to give to others. Because of the hope we have in Jesus we will pray continually with expectation and faith knowing God is faithful.


Pray. Love. 


Raise A Helping Hand

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