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Your gift offers hope and changes lives. 

Our programs locally and around the world

are dedicated to helping abandoned children.

Hope Journeys

These missions bring HOPE for orphaned children and caregivers, as kind-hearted people come with hands full of resources and hearts full of love. 


Our journeys are meant to be only the beginning of an ongoing stream of care by providing an understanding of how to best minister to the orphans.  


Activities may include building projects, tutoring, playing sports, giving music lessons, or hosting daily devotionals. We often bless the kids by going to the beach or visiting a mall or local restaurant. 


Volunteers willing to serve, sacrifice, dedicate, and commit are always needed.

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International Orphanage Director's Conference

IODC invests in those who invest in others. Often times orphanage directors are broken hearted people taking care of broken and wounded children. The IODC is designed to give these heros the rest and encouragement they need to keep going. 

This burden of love is often heavy and it is easy to get burned out. This conference encourages them as they meet other directors and build a network of resources. Here they have the opportunity to encourage one another, pray for each other, and rest in the Lord. When we minister and give hope to the directors, this hope carries over to the entire campus of children they care for. 


Many service team members are needed. Much financial help is needed. Will you commit to help with the multiplication of this life changing event? 

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God Provides Solutions

A program that focuses on abandoned teens not in foster care, but rather left to live in shelters. GPS is designed to offer a "roadmap" to kids who lack necessary adult life skills, jobs, and valuable education. GPS provides mentoring and encouragement, which are greatly needed in the absence of parents.

The program also offers opportunities to work and learn. Our dedicated GPS volunteers prayerfully immerse themselves into the lives of these teenage children, helping them to realize their worth and encourage the use of their natural giftedness.


We also supply needed resources, micro-managed work experience, music lessons, church activities, and transportation. But our most valued investment is the hope and love these kids feel knowing they are not forgotten. 

Other programs fall under the GPS banner furthering the impact of each dollar donated. These include Route Replenish and Kitchens TLC (kitchens that love children), as well as G-Lift which provides safe, reliable, daily transportation for at-risk youth.

Orphan's Exchange


Thrift Store

Orphans-Exchange thrift store serves both the community and local at-risk, abandoned teens. This self sustaining ministry provides volunteer opportunities for generous individuals to serve the orphaned community by donating gently used goods or volunteering at the store. It also provides a place for our at-risk teens living in shelters to gain work experience and learn how to support themselves. 


This valuable work experience, coupled with money management taught by our mentors, empowers these kids with necessary life skills.  


Finally, the thrift store resources benefits 

international missions through Hope Journeys. We love to pack the suitcases of local or visiting missionaries and orphanage directors with  clothes and supplies to bless their kiddos back home. 


Grapevine Giving

ETHICS IN GIVING - This program encourages the proper handling of missions money and promotes integrity for the receiver, the giver, and the mediator all for the glory of God.

GIVING GROUPS - A giving group provides an ongoing system of financial care for a particular orphan home facing extra difficult financial pressures. These giving groups collectively choose a particular orphan home to give to.  Each member of the group commits to a monthly financial donation, which helps cover the daily needs of the rescued, otherwise left behind children. Meanwhile, FOTF monitors how the money is used and encourages that it be applied to the areas in most needed. 

INTERNATIONAL TRANSFER - This program transfers money from anywhere in the world to an orphan related cause earmarked by the giver. Our goal is that 95% of these tax deductible donations are used for the purpose the doner intended.


Raise A Helping Hand

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Pray. Love. 


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